oscar nominations for animated features

blah i know everyone in the whole world has already tumblr-ed about this, but i thought i’d throw my two cents in

first of all, this will be a highly biased post. my apologies.

second all, PARANORMAN! oh my god, i was terrified this would be neglected, but they actually nominated it! i really hope paranorman wins, it was, by far, my favorite movie of the entire year (and this decade…) the animation was pain-stakingly meticulous and beautiful, the characters and their designs were creative and interesting, the plot was wonderful, and the climax was both invigorating and heart-breaking. this is such an unique and fantastically odd movie. i pray it wins (even though we all know it won’t).

third, wreck-it-ralph definitely has my approval. it was sweet (ha pun!) and disney put a lot of thought into this one. it’s really creative: i mean, all the explanations and ideas they explored about arcades, it was amazing. i loved the characters as well, thought it had beautiful animation, and the twist at the end was very surprising. if paranorman doesn’t win, i at least want wreck it ralph to shine.

after that is brave, which i may not have watched if we hadn’t gotten it to review. i’ve loved pixar since i was child, but a few recent installments have been weak and i’ve been losing my faith. brave didn’t necessarily restore it, but it was a nice movie. animation was flawless, as usual, and the mother/daughter relationship was very relatable and a refreshing set of pace. the story was a bit weird, even for pixar, and i probably wouldn’t have watched it a second time if my friend wasn’t such a huge fan and we watched it again at her party.

following that is pirates, which i have actually never seen. i saw wallace and gromit when i was younger, thought it was nice and sweet, and the animation looks phenomenal (claymation is still an art). the previews made it somewhat interesting, but i didn’t find enough appeal in it to actually go out and see it. something tells me that this movie barely limped into the nomination circle and it would be a tremendous shock to see it win.

after that is frankenweenie. before i begin, i’ve liked tim burton for awhile, but his recent movies have been…well, bad. i love beetlejuice and nightmare before christmas and charlie and the chocolate factory and sleepy hollow. but frankenweenie was no help for his career (dark shadows was unspeakably horrible). when is tim burton going to learn that his characters don’t appeal to the audience anymore and that this ISN’T the seventies anymore. wake up call: every character doesn’t have to be weird. the pacing is slack and odd, the animation isn’t all the great, and the story doesn’t have enough material to go on for an hour and a half. the live-action, half-hour version was much better. i pray to god frankenweenie doesn’t win.

so. i’ll be on the couch on february twenty-fourth with my seth macfarlane foam finger (i love that man), hoping for paranorman and wreck it ralph to make it. this was just a heavily-opinionated post and if you’ve got a problem with what i had to say, that’s perfectly fine. go punch your pillow or scream at the tv if you’re really pissed about it. thank you, good night.