prenderghastly au

inspired by zombietracks, i want to describe my personal thoughts on prenderghastly au, one of my favorite aus for “paranorman”.

first of all, i don’t think aggie would be exactly like norman. of course, she has the ability to see ghosts and gets hassled by her peers a lot of the time, but aggie is a bit of a hothead and has gotten into quite a few fights when her temper boils over. she’s really emotional, but she doesn’t know how to express herself, so she either fights or talks to ghosts, which she considers to be her only friends. aggie’s a pretty passionate person (she doesn’t exactly let it show on the outside though) and can’t bear to see suffering. mostly, when a ghost is in pain or wants to get their unfinished business done, aggie just talks to them and convinces them to go to the other side.

aggie would live with her mom, mildred, who would be a single (i think widowed, and aggie would have to pretend that she can’t quite understand the concept of death so her mother wouldn’t know she can still see her dead father). mildred is very supportive and affectionate, but she worries about aggie a lot. aggie loves her mother more than anyone else in the world. and one of mildred’s friends would be principal hopkins (“judge hopkins”), who always tries to lead aggie on the right path. aggie has a love/hate relationship with him, as he pretty much always catches her in trouble, but she still kind of likes him anyway.

aggie and salma would be friends sort of how norman and neil became friends. aggie isn’t as shy as she really pushes people away, and kind of flies low so she won’t be noticed. she would be really annoyed with salma at first, because she’s a big know-it-all, but eventually, one of them would stick up for the other, and they’d become reluctant friends. salma doesn’t exactly believe aggie’s gift, but she accepts it and actually becomes interested in it and how it works. and aggie can’t spend too much time with salma or she’ll choke her, but it’s nice to at least have a friend.

and when aggie confronts norman (who was burned at the stake, different story), she would be really angry at first, until she realized that was only making him more furious and violent. so, aggie used the kind of compassion she used for the ghosts she helped pass on and eventually got to norman and convinced him to go to sleep forever. and that’s when aggie starts to understand that there are lots of people out there who love her and support her, and that there’s always someone that loves you. by helping norman, aggie learns not to push people away.

(and, pretty much, norman was super quiet and introverted and talked to his ghost friends in private, until he was followed one day by a group of suspicious citizens, who turned him in. he was sentenced to be burned at the stake, and, in a last act of tearful rage, he cursed the seven that executed him. he puts on this big fiery show and tries to make himself as angry and vengeful as possible, but on the inside, he’s just a hurt, scared little boy.)

why won’t you people let me sleep?